Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Great Victorian Road Trip

Well not so big ... but a fantastic road trip to kick off our renewed commitment to seeing more of Australia. We started off in Millewa, staying at Lindenwarrah ... not the best with a seven and six year old ... not because they weren't welcome, or the food wasn't good, but rather because there was little to do that they would enjoy and the rooms were over priced and devoid of comfortable furniture. It's billed like a spa type place to stay and it really wasn't. They couldn't even do breakfast before 0900 ... and that's a killer for a decent day with smallish children. Frankly, it's a killer if you're inclined to get up and enjoy your day at all.

From Millewa we drove a full seven hours to Mildura and that's where the holiday really started. We boarded our boat ... the Margaylea ... and enjoyed four days of gentle drifting, fishing, watching the river banks glide by. Put it this way: it was a real holiday for everyone principally because the kids did not require entertaining. http://www.allseasonshouseboats.com.au/ is what you're looking for ... The photos tell the story: