Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kidaddle to Murramarang

Reading this
about Murramarang reminded me of a weekend we spent there with the kids when they were aged, respectively six and eighteen months ... I was determined we would enjoy a long weekend at the coast. It's another classic lesson in not rushing into "experiences" when the kids are very very little.

The "resort" is actually a cabin and caravan park. Lovely nature all around. Lovely beach. Lovely kangaroos.

Not mentioned in this item, however, are the sand flies ... which bit both kids all over their faces while they slept ... resulting in infections and - ultimately - antibiotics.

So far as the excitement of exposing your toddler to the beach goes ... well the old rule about not having high expectations applies: Jack screamed from the moment we set him down on the sand and refused to move (he was inexplicably scared of it). Father then decided to take him into the surf, at which point he went rigid with shock. I collected him with a big warm towel and he went to sleep in my arms.

Here's the good bit: he didn't wake up for six hours!

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