Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kidaddle to the Farmyard Nursery

I can understand the desire to avoid large numbers of children careering through the house. I can understand the desire to avoid having to prepare party food. I don't share these feelings, but I understand them. That said, I've not been impressed by the McDonalds or indoor play centre alternatives - it seems expensive for not very much.

This weekend will be second birthday party we've attended at the Farmyard Nursery. For our girl, aged six and obsessed with anything furry, it's her idea of bliss - rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, alpacas, ponies ... you name it to touch ... and lambs, piglets and kids to bottle feed. The boys love all of that plus the (disabled and very safe) tractor to climb on.

The facilities are great too - a barn, covered verandah, grassy play area with equipment - means there's plenty to do even if it's raining. There's a kitchenette and while some things can be provided, you can do your own food. The kids get a different and wholesome experience. Plus it's a family-owned local business - so it feels good to support them.

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