Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gold Coast or Numpty Land?

Our lovely neighbours have just returned from a week on the Gold Coast. Cliched or proven? Here are the pros and cons from their perspective:
  • Sea World Resort - worth staying there, but insist on a toaster in your room before arriving ... or there's no way to cook your toast ... (whoever heard of a kitchenette without a toaster???)
  • Be prepared to spend a lot of money. You may be staying at the Sea World resort, but expect to pay for Sea World regardless. Ice cream sellers had fists full of $50 notes.
  • But at least when you spend a lot of it at Sea World, you know that they are using some of the money for animal rescue activities.
  • Be prepared to queue a lot.
  • You can't take your own food into the parks. This feels like a basic human rights infringement to me ... but is apparently true. Once you enter a park, you are sentenced to a day without food fit for human beings. (Although our neighbours did find healthy options in all parks visited.)
  • If you take a teenager and a preschooler, you can expect to have to split up to service their different expectations.
I'm personally thinking that camping in the Deua is looking pretty attractive!

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