Friday, October 9, 2009

Kidaddle Camping to Deua

We are planning our first real family camping trip and we know where we're going: Deua National Park but specifically the Berlang campground. If memory serves me correctly, and it's been 13 years since I've been there, the campground is pleasant - two skips from a creek worth paddling in, and an easy walk away from "The Big Hole" where one might see a lyrebird at play. I've not visited Marble Arch so we might even take on the longer stroll.

The kids are thrilled at the thought and have two demands: that we sleep in real tents and have a real fire. Well the first is a dead cert with no more sophisticated equipment to our credit and for the second, if we go now - in Spring - we hopefully won't face a fire ban.


  1. My friend V says:

    "Deua's great-really beautiful, Jane. We've done quite a bit of national park camping and we were there a couple of Easters ago.
    Unfortunately R believes in a philosophy along the lines of "the more basic the better" ie no toilet and noone else at the site. Mind you this is someone who could cook you a roast dinner in a hole in the ground. I prefer to be somewhere I can plug in a hairdryer...
    Did survive 8 weeks in a tent last year travelling through central Australia though so I can do it if I have to. (The bets were on though apparently.) Kids looove camping though and C is in her element. Guess your 2 would be as well."

  2. H says:

    "We are heading off on our 2nd real family camping trip next week. very exciting. The weather should be warmer by then, we're going with friends, and we have the attitude that if it doesn't go well...we can always go home!! love having a fire to sit around too :)"

  3. And J says:

    "Awesome to hear! Don't forget the guitar...... ;o) Bendethra is also a must see camp site, situated in a massive valley with huge rock faces that the sun set against > very picturesque!"