Friday, October 9, 2009

Kidaddle to Floriade and the Tulip Farm

Floriade is a more a fixture than an event in Canberra now and it is a thoroughly enjoyable kid-friendly outing but I did regret the absence this year of the sandcastle sculptures featured last year.

(The flowers are lovely but I have a secret confession: the shops are great too. )

Next year I am definitely going to check out the night markets. Too small children (for staying up late) and husband's absence have prevented enjoyment of this element of the festival up until now, but I am determined to get to it soon.

The fabulously complimentary Tulip Tops farm just North of Eaglehawk on the Federal Highway is a must for anyone who likes Floriade. One of the great things about Tulip Tops is the way you can view the flowers from above and better take in the vista. Floriade would also benefit from viewing platforms. I have puzzled over Floriade themes that would be more obvious if the viewer were able to look down or even across the beds.
Completely incidentally, Tulip Tops does Dutch pancakes, good cake and free sausage sandwiches in the tent at the bottom of the garden.
Both sites are worth the visit and we go to both year after year. (Oh and by the way - it's not compulsory to wear a floral dress and have your picture taken. It's enough to wander aimlessly.)

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  1. H says:

    "We love Floriade too Jane, and take the girls every year. The ferris wheel is a great viewing spot to see the designs from above, but at $25 per family of 4 is a bit of a rort (spelling?) unfortunately i didn't make it into the Floriade shopping village this year - I love it too. Always buy something from there. Need kid free time to enjoy it fully."